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For brevity is the soul of wit . . .

I think I'd like to start a meme here on IJ/LJ.

Write a micro-fic -- a story in just six words. (You can see some examples here.)

Post it in a comment here and in your own journal.

It'll be fun to see what folks come up with, within a form even more constrained than the drabble.

Here are two I wrote:

Fenrir picked his teeth, saying, “Yummy . . .”

Fenrir isn’t fussy — he enjoys nomming.

Edited to add another:

"Tofu again?" Fenrir asked Hermione, aghast.


You mean, something like this?

"A honeysun, then", Sirius said fondly.

Don't know if it would make sense to anyone else, though.

Yes, that's the idea. But what is a honeysun?

What did I say?

A honeysun is Sirius's tactful equivalent for a honeymoon. The drabble would probably make more sense if it was Tonks speaking fondly, but then I'm rather fond of SiryMoony.