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A permanent home here on LJ for my tales

I just bought a permanent account for this fic LJ, so visitors here will no longer be subjected to advertisements. I also now have 195 userpic slots here, compared to the 6 I had when it was still a basic account. My main account, theentwife, also had its userpic allotment increased by 50, so I spent part of the evening uploading more icons to that account.

This is something I'd considered doing the last time LJ did a permanent account sale, in the aftermath of Strikethrough, but I'd wibbled and instead bought a permanent account at InsaneJournal, a decision I came to regret after repeated episodes of losing all comments on multiple entries. My only consolation there has been that it hadn't cost a lot -- but then again, one gets what one pays for. And with the new increased userpic slots (with more in future due to the loyalty userpic program), the amount of userpics here is not that far away from what I have available to use on IJ. Additionally, it's always possible the userpic limits could increase again in future, as they did today, so the incentive to remain at IJ decreases even further, particularly in light of the continued non-resolution of grave technical issues that affect that site's functionality.

By the way, in case anyone was wondering, due to health and other issues I wasn't able to do hardly anything with this year's NaNoWriMo project and even managed to put in even a smaller wordcount than last year's failed effort! (218 words versus 248 or so last year.) I am so made of fail for this -- oh well, there's always next year . . .
Tags: insanejournal, livejournal, potterverse, writing
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