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The quill is sharpened and ready

I've been contemplating starting a separate fic-only LiveJournal for a while and the recent censorship brouhaha here on LiveJournal provided the impetus for me to actually do it.

By having a different LJ for my fanfic, I've created something of a firewall around my current main blog here, theentwife. This will allow me to friend pretty much anyone who simply wants to read my stories, without having my main LJ's Friend list become stuffed with people who are there just for the fic and other than being fans of my fiction, couldn't care less about me and my personal life. (Although readers here are welcome to wander over to read the posts there, of course!)

This site being completely Friends-Only also allows me a certain amount of freedom to write as I please, without worrying what some employer or neighbor might think who happens to come by here. Therefore there will be some rather naughty things showing up here, especially with all those sexy Slytherins about.

In some ways, it would be nice if I could safely have all the stories, even the non-G-rated ones, be completely available to the public, but at the present that's not terribly wise.


~~ sighs ~~
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