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This journal is being revived

After the fiasco of having more than half the posts in my InsaneJournal lose all their comments and all but ONE story lose all the squee that had been posted, I've decided to start using this LiveJournal again.

I've marked this LiveJournal as "Explicit Adult Content" using the settings tool. Not keen on that, but not much I can do, given the current climate here. At least it shows the LJ admins that I'm trying to keep the kiddiewinks out. :-/

I wish now I'd coughed up the cash for this to be permanent, but at the time the sale occurred I'd wibbled and instead bought an InsaneJournal permanent account, which right now looks like a complete waste of cash, given the repeated problems with the site. The only good thing there was having 300 iconses to play with, but if they sell permanent accounts here again, I'll get lots more icons to play with then. I can be patient . . .

So expect to see me reposting my ficcage here, including the gen stories that were originally housed at theentwife, just because I'd like to have all my stories in one place. I haven't decided yet if I'll have the gen stories be public or if I'll f-lock them too.

I also haven't decided yet if I'll abandon my IJ or not. There are a few IJ fests I'd said I would write things for and I'd rather not reneg on those tales. There are also a few writers who now post either mainly or exclusively to InsaneJournal, so I'll likely keep using it, at least for commenting, since I paid for the damn thing already and I'd like to get SOME use out of it. I also haven't decided if new works will be posted here only (where frankly they have a wider potential audience) or if I will cross-post them to my IJ.

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . .
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